"pentel sign pen"

Take 2 - Governors Island Hard Hat Tour

I'm a member of the nonprofit OHNY, which allows me to be in tours of some pretty cool places. Today we were going to Governors Island to tour the two current phases of construction. This was the second and last attempt as the one scheduled for August 8th was cancelled due to possible thunderstorms. Today we had even worse weather. We just got to the construction gate when large vertical lightening was spotted over Staten Island. The Director of Planning at the Trust for Governors Island gave us the best description of the construction from the Ligget Arch that she could and then we hightailed it back to the dock. Unfortunately that is when the storm began.

I've been outside during a lot of storms and I've been drenched before. I had never experienced horizontal rain. That changed today. Thankfully my $10 flea market bag really was water resistant because both my sketchbooks were in there.

Photos below: sketching before the tour and watch the storm coming in.