Fountain Pens

Okay. I've been researching fountain pens... I mean, watching a lot of YouTube videos about fountain pens. The reason being is I see a lot of Urban Sketchers that I admire using fountain pens: Lamy, Noodlers, Montblanc, Waterman, etc. I also saw a variety of different inks; permanent vs standard, black, sepia-ish, blue, red. Then I watched a video on the Lamy Safari by Brian Goulet and then I went to his YouTube channel. My mind was blown.

I'm so grateful for all the hard work.... enthusiasm....obsession.... fandom of the reviewers/channels. I cannot imagine the amount of funds that go into the hobby of collecting fountain pens but I sure have benefited by watching, obsessively in my own way, their reviews. There are two channels that I recommend, which are by far the best considering clarity, specifics, and variety. One has turned their enthusiasm into a thriving business, The Goulet Pen Company. Here is their YouTube (theinknouveau). Plus their blog, nib nook, and pen plaza are great information suppositories. Stephen B.R.E. Brown has the other great YouTube channel (sbrebrown). Both are incredibly thorough and review pens and ink. Brown also compares pens in videos he calls Shootouts.

While I would love to get online and buy all the pens that I'm really impressed with, I'm going to have to pace myself. First, I'm thinking of just going to a local office supply store and getting a Platinum Preppy and some Platinum Carbon Black cartridges. Then down the road I'll order some inks from the Goulets. And the more pens. And then more inks. Danger danger! My wish list is growing.

I've always been a fan of fine and extra fine pens but learning that ink and it's flow influence line thickness was surprising. Eventually I want to try X-Feather by Noodlers. The fact that Brown only uses that ink in flex pens is telling. But then I really want to try out a variety of inks. Let's just say this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.