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Hello all!

I've been featured in my friend Sheri's blog! Thank you Sheri for asking me to participate!

And today I uploaded some images to Society6. They were kind enough to provide a promotion. Free shipping! It only lasts though June 8th, 2014!

New Orleans

This past weekend I had an opportunity to travel to New Orleans and Baton Rouge. I was specifically going to see Spill, a documentary play about the Deepwater Horizon / BP explosion in 2010, at the Reilly Theatre on the LSU campus. Below is a sketch I did while doing laundry before leaving and the second is the Ubiquitous Airplane Sketch (UAS).

After landing at Louis Armstrong Airport and getting the rented car, my travel companion, M and I drove to Baton Rouge with time to spare before the play that evening. I sat for a moment to sketch the Old Louisiana State Capital and the East Baton Rouge Parish City Hall. I wasn't able to complete either while there but I was able to finish the lines when I returned home.

The play was stunning and is a must see to help understand what happened to the men who were lost, the families who were effected directly by the explosion, and the regions complex feelings about oil and the oil spill.  That night, family members of the men who were lost and families who were directly effected by the spill were there, and I was privileged to meet some of them. Leigh Fondakowski and Reeva Wortel have done a great job and I feel are respectful to the complexity in their production in the face of the tragedy. 

The rest of my time in the area was taken with a bit of a frantic sight-seeing extravaganza. On Saturday, M and I drove down the River Road, taking a more leisurely route but fast review of plantations, instead of driving back to New Orleans on the elevated interstate. This took most of the day and so we made it an early night after dinner.

The next day, our last day, we met up with my friend D and she took me and M to see some of the cemeteries after a coffee at Sacred Grounds. We peeked into the Odd Fellows Rest, walked to the Holt Cemetery, drove to the wealthy Metairie Cemetery, and went through St. Patrick's No. 1 and 3. I'm certain that I could have sketched there for hours. But lunch called and we went to eat at the Parkway Bakery and Tavern. Yum!

After a good lunch we went to wander in the French Quarter, before driving back up to Baton Rouge for dinner. I saw so many things to sketch but using the fact that it was rainy as an excuse, I wandered more. I must say that I am struggling with wanting to see everything versus sitting still long enough to draw. For now, I am going to have to content myself with drawing from some of my photos. I hope I return to New Orleans so that I can draw while there. In the meantime I want to practice drawing while on location.

This trip went entirely too quickly but for a three day trip I did see a lot! 


Watercolor practice

Watercolor paper, watercolor half pans, watercolor brushes, water, fountain pen. All the necessary gear I need to make a little painting. Eventually I will be doing this while out and about so now during the cold of winter I get to practice. Knowing that I know close to nothing about what I'm doing and letting go of the result was helpful. It feels weird knowing that the colors I produced were completely by accident. Of course I was using known colors and I have some idea of mixing, but really I'm such a n00b. So I find it amazing that I created this picture. It was a pleasant surprise to see the little painting dry because the colors are so different from when they are wet. I think I just fell in love with watercolor.

"micron 01", "micron 02"

Finishing a drawing

Finally getting to this drawing after first penciling it out on my visit to the Upper West Side. While there, I hadn't gotten in the detail. It was a blustery day that was hinting at fall and I didn't have a good jacket with me. I'm glad I came back to this drawing. It turned out pretty good. I'm happy with it.